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For years print media has been dominated by media groups with vested interests and/or visible bias. The Bharatiya started out as a series of workshops educating high school students about self research rather than depending on one or two media outlets. Needless to say, humans by their very nature are lazy and tend to believe anything under the banner of a talked-about media house irrespective of how inaccurate, biased or propagandist the are.

Thus, The Bharatiya Magazine took birth as a local student magazine as a campaign against misinformation and selective reporting. Today we've grown to a point where we can holistically report on everything which concerns youth.

We find it extremely objectionable to have a authoritarian management in a media house reporting about the largest democracy and the world. This practice undoubtedly allows personal bias to slip in editorial content.


To counter this, we are not managed by one or two editors. We are a group of authors working together all as equals. Every article published has to be approved by a minimum of 6 members out of the 10 founders.

We're also joined by guest writers and authors at times!

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